Spring Training Week 2

Another week has flown by since I’ve come out to Arizona for Spring Training. Unfortunately, this means I’ve only got one week left. The second week may not have been as crazy as the first week was, but I knew a few people who had come out in week two, which made it more fun for me. I got plenty of autographs and even some great selfies.

My first day of week two started off pretty well. I got to the field early and was able to get Alex Wood, Hyun-Jin Ryu, and Justin Turner to all sign baseball cards I was going to giveaway on Twitter. This was the first time I finally had a player sign something I was going to give away, so I was pretty excited about this. For my autographs, I added Adam Liberatore, Mark Lowe, Ross Stripling, Tim Locastro, Kyle Farmer, and Eric Karros all on my blank jersey. I also had a special edition Chris Taylor card that was from the World Series that he signed as well. These were the only autographs I got in week two, which means I’ve still yet to get Seager to sign for me. But, I’m not giving up yet. I also managed to get a selfie with Austin Barnes, Matt Kemp, and Dave Roberts.

One of my favorite experiences was being able to talk to Roberts for a minute or so before he moved onto the next fan. I told him how much I appreciated him as a manager and that he’s done a great job and I hope he’s with the team for a long time. Roberts couldn’t have been nicer, and he replied by saying, “Thank you so much. That means a lot to me. I hope I’m here for a long time also.” A lot of managers don’t get recognition from their fan base, but I feel like Dodger fans have done a great job of showing their support for Roberts. He’s no Don Mattingly, and I mean that in a good way.

After I was done with the autographs, I went to Tempe Stadium which is the home of the Anaheim Angels. This game was a big deal because we were going to see Kershaw vs. Ohtani for the first time. Kershaw got him to two strikes, and then Public Enemy #1 got Ohtani looking just like it does most big leaguers. This was a bragging moment for Dodger fans after Ohtani chose the Angels even though the Dodgers made an offer. Kershaw got a pretty good ovation from the crowd when his day was over.

On Thursday, I made the mistake of showing up way too early to the morning practice. The reason why it was a mistake is that the Dodgers didn’t play until 6:05 pm that night. I showed up at 8:00 am, and the players wouldn’t even start practicing until about 1:00 pm. I decided I may as well do Uber at this point and at least try to make some money. On my way to the game that night against the Indians, I witnessed a terrible accident that I somehow got lucky enough to avoid. The car in front of me ended up hitting the center divider on the freeway, and the two cars behind me ended up hitting each other because they were trying to avoid me. All I could do was watch it happen in my rearview mirror while I was stopped and hope I wouldn’t get hit. Luckily, it seemed like everyone from the accident was alert and okay.

The Indians share a field with the Reds, and I enjoyed this stadium a lot. My only complaint was that I couldn’t see the scoreboard from my lawn seat and they didn’t have a smaller scoreboard anywhere else I could see. But other than that I thought it was a pretty nice stadium.

Friday was a little bit of a more relaxed day for me when it came to the Dodgers and Camelback. I skipped the early morning rush because it’s just too crazy on the weekends and I didn’t want to deal with it. This was the first weekend that I knew I would have family and friends in Arizona, so it made it a lot less lonely. My dad, my brother, and his girlfriend all came up for the game on Friday, and I was able to spend some time with them. Another one of my friends was out here for a couple of days as well. After the Dodger game, I went back to my hotel and got ready to see my friend that night. She flew in with a couple of classmates for a Sabermetrics conference that was going on. I went to their hotel to pick them up, and the first thing we did was go to In-N-Out for dinner. After dinner, we wanted to head over to Top Golf to see if we could get in. Somehow someway the wait was about three hours, and there was no way you could convince us to wait, so we headed over to the casino that was right next door. The casino was packed, so we decided just to have a drink and talk for a little before calling it a night. We may not have done much, but we still had a good time, and it was nice to be with a friend.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a ticket for Saturday’s game against the Cubs, because it had sold out over a month ago. Instead, I went to the Royals and Diamondbacks game with my dad, brother, and his girlfriend. They had a Baseballism store at the field, and I finally decided to buy the wallet I have been looking at for months. Which I’ve yet to use because the leather is just too nice haha. It started to rain when we were at the game, which we stuck out for a few innings because it was warm.

Sunday, I went back to the same field as Saturday, because the Dodgers were playing the Rockies that day. I got there early as I always do and did my full walk around through the stadium that day. When I was walking around, I happened to see my friend Angie at one of the concession stands and met up with her and her friend Amee at their lawn seats, because that’s where my seat was at for the game. Angie and I walked up to the wall where Kemp was warming up for the game to take pictures and just cheer him on. As we’re standing there talking about Kemp, an employee walks up and says something about Kemp not being good anymore and that we pretty much picked up a useless player. When I turned around the first thing I said was, “Are you a Diamondbacks fan?” and he says, “Yeah. Why’d you ask that?” I laughed and looked at him and said, “I knew you were a Diamondbacks fan because you guys have nothing better to do than talk shit on the Dodgers and their players even when your team isn’t playing.” For some reason, this made him mad, and he kept trying to talk to me, but I just walked away and told him to “get back to work and stop worrying about us.” He walked away all upset and unfortunately never came back after Kemp went 3-3 with a home run, single and a double. I was waiting for him all game.

Now here’s my thing with trash talking. I love it and think it makes the game a lot of fun. But when your team isn’t even playing, you’re working at your job, and I wasn’t even talking about your team or players, don’t come at me and expect me not to say something back. It’s very rare that I initiate trash talking with other fans. I’ll defend my team and our players every day of the week. I won’t randomly go after a fan who is enjoying the game, just because they’re wearing the other teams’ colors. But if you come after me or anyone, I’m with intentionally then it’s game on. I can trash talk with the best of them, and I know my Dodgers, and I know baseball, so go ahead and give me your best shot. But don’t get all angry and mad at me when I shut down everything you say and prove you wrong.

Monday was the last day of week two that I would be attending a game because the Dodgers don’t play on Tuesday as it is their off day. I meant to get up early and get to the game to try and get autographs, but when my alarm went off at 6:00 am, I just didn’t care enough to wake up. I got to Camelback around 10:30 am and walked over to the “B” game the Dodgers were playing against the White Sox. This was the first game all spring that Seager was playing defense. He had a few balls hit to him, and his arm seemed to hold up just fine.

I went into the stadium a little early and tried to find a seat in the shade to hang out at until the game started, or someone kicked me out of their seat. When I was sitting there, an employee came up and asked me if I was at least 21 and if I wanted to participate in the on-field game that takes place between the 3rd and 4th inning. Of course, I said yes. When the 3rd inning was over, I was escorted onto the field and had to roll these two inflatable dice, and as long as I rolled an even number sum, then I won. I was freaking out because I had never done anything like this before and there were thousands of people watching. It was super simple and not as big of a deal as I worked it up to be. Luckily, I rolled an even number sum and ended up winning! My friends, Angie and Amee, were kind enough to walk down and get some pictures and videos of me playing the game. I won a one night stay at the Harrah’s casino and hotel in Maricopa, as well as two free buffets there, and $60 to use for slot play. It was pretty cool that I won because I wanted to come back when the Dodgers played the Diamondbacks at some point and this will help pay for one of my nights here. Afterwards, I met up with two more Twitter friends, Lisbeth and Amanda, and was able to hang out and talk with them for a little until the game was over.

Pictures by @kimmariephotography

The second week was a lot of fun and gave me even more memories that I’ll be able to hold onto forever. The memories made with friends and family are even more special. After two weeks here, I’m ready to be back in my bed and use my shower. But, I wouldn’t change the fact I’ll be here for another week because I get to watch the Dodgers play in four more games. When I head home on Sunday, I’ll be getting ready for Opening Day!

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  1. Hey Girlfriend, What a extremely awesome job on your article, and your journey at spring training. All The pics and information on our boys were a great read. You never disappoint, and love your passion. Great job
    Your fan

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