Officially Baseball Season

Yesterday was the Super Bowl, which means today is the first official day of the baseball season! I mean, not really, nothings changed in the baseball world, but the Super Bowl is a sign to most baseball fans that it’s right around the corner. With this also comes a huge emotional shift. Especially if you’re a Dodger fan and experienced the pain of game 7.

The transition from football to baseball for me is like no other. Don’t get me wrong, I love football. It’s a fun sport to watch and people get so into it. However, football will NEVER be able to bring me the happiness that baseball does. The Raiders could go and win 10 Super Bowls over my lifetime, but my life won’t be complete until I watch the Dodgers win a World Series. Football is a sport I’m able to watch and enjoy as a fan, where baseball, I feel like my life is on the line during every single game.

I’ve always considered football to be my favorite sport, but let me explain. What I mean by this is I can watch any team play football and enjoy it. No matter who is in the playoffs, I’m watching it, it’s that simple. Football maybe my favorite sport, but baseball is my passion. Baseball is just a sport to some people, but to me it’s not; it’s a lifestyle. Imagine falling in love with a team and they play at least 162 games a season. That’s a lot of three plus hour games to be watching (usually) the same players day in and day out. It’s easy to get connected to these players and feel like they’re actually a part of your life.

Every single day I think about the Dodgers. Every single day I literally countdown the days on my Twitter page until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. I’m counting down a date where it means the players are just showing up to the facility, not even playing yet. The best part is, I’m definitely not the only fan who feels this way. I’ve talked to so many fans who have countdowns on their phones for Spring Training as well as Opening Day. Baseball is a religion to some people and I’m one of those people. We wake up, we check our phones to see what time the games on, who is pitching and start working up scenarios all day long about what may happen in the game.

You spend countless hours stressing over this team that plays a “child’s” game and it’s simply the most amazing thing. Baseball fans just aren’t like any other fan base. Sure, football fans are nuts, but that’s for one day a week and then they’re usually back to their lives. Baseball is almost every single day for a seven month period. And I will never care what anyone says, but every single game played counts. Even those games in late March/early April. So yes, Opening Day is supposed to be fun and the reminder that baseball is back, but you’re crazy if you don’t believe every diehard fan watching the game is hoping their team starts off hot by winning just that first game.

Baseball is a sport of endurance. The team who can stay the healthiest and the strongest for 162 games is usually the team who comes out on top. But think of the fans real quick. The fans also live through the entire 162 game season. We stress, we cry, we get angry and we celebrate. Every single emotion happens when you watch a baseball game. I honestly believe that I have taken years off my life just from the stress of playoffs alone and I wish I were kidding.

A lot of people don’t understand this part about baseball and its fans. Try and tell a baseball fan you think baseball is boring, they’ll just tell you it’s because you’re unintelligent and don’t understand the sport. Literally anything you say to a baseball fan about the game, they’ll have an answer for you almost immediately. We take baseball very seriously and it becomes so important in our lives that it overtakes so many other aspects of life. I mean, I lost my job in September, because I was working eight straight hours and not taking a lunch, so I could leave work 30 minutes earlier just to get to the game earlier.

I wish more people understood my passion for the game. I get a lot of weird looks from people, even other fans when I tell them that I love going to games alone. Because that’s how much I love the game. I go to baseball games for the game, not to socialize and just have a good time. But I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with going to the games for those reasons, it’s just not why I go. Although, I’ve met some pretty incredible people thanks to Dodger games and Dodger Twitter (shoutout to y’all who read this.) These people become family in a way, because they understand the same feelings and emotions you do. Even more so, they start to care about your actual life and become real friends. Sure I’ve never been in love with another sport like baseball before, but I just feel like this is something special with baseball fan bases. There’s something so special about the entire experience as a fan and those who have lived it out know exactly what I’m talking about.

I would love to know how many fans just felt dead exhausted after Game 7 of the World Series. This was a different taste of baseball I had never experienced, and easily the greatest, but also the most painful feeling I’ve ever had watching baseball. During the World Series there were so many times I believed I was going to give myself a heart attack and I know I’m not the only one. The one feeling I remember more than anything was leaving game 7 and just feeling like I could sleep for days. The emotion and energy from baseball doesn’t wear off right away. It lingers a little bit after the playoffs and the excitement comes back months before Spring Training even begins. And on Opening Day when Clayton Kershaw throws that first pitch at Dodger Stadium, you better believe every fan there is ready for the ride that is the baseball season.

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