Finally a Season Ticket Holder

After an incredible 2017 season, I had decided to sign up for a 37-game mini plan. I did this because it was the only mini plan that gave me rights to buy one World Series ticket at face value. A few weeks after I started payments for my mini plan, I received an email from the Dodgers that said I could upgrade to season tickets for the 2018 season. At first, my answer was no off the bat, because I live in Orange and the possibility of me going to 81 games is pretty unrealistic. After talking to a few season ticket holders and realizing that the upgrade to season tickets was only $400 more, I said “screw it,” and decided it was time to become a season ticket holder.

Today was the day that I made that happen. I had my Select-A-Seat appointment at 2:30 and of course showed up 30 minutes early, but the season ticket rep was nice enough to let me in early. For those who don’t know what the Select-A-Seat event is, it’s when season ticket holders go to the stadium and literally select a seat for their season ticket(s). If the seat is available for purchase then it would have a piece of paper taped to it with the section, row and seat, as well as the price per ticket and total season price.

When I made it to top deck I already had my “perfect” seat in mind. My perfect seat was section one, seat two and wanted my row to be in the middle. Of course, I couldn’t be picky, but I wanted to have some idea of what I wanted before getting up there. Well, when I got up there, there was less than 10 total seats in all of top deck. Throughout the stadium I saw probably less than 40 total seats available. And there was not one ticket available in section one. So my next shot was section three, which is one section to the left, closer to the Dodgers’ dugout. There was only one ticket left in all of section three. But, it was row J and seat two.

I walked over there as quickly as I could, because there were still people looking for top deck tickets, and I just sat down to claim the seat. All I could do was smile and try to believe that this was real. This was practically my dream seat. I was right on the borderline of the sun missing me for one o’clock games and they told me, had I gone a row closer the tickets would have gone up about $200 total. All I could do was sit there and think, “this is my seat. No one else will have tickets to sit here all 2018.” It’s like I still couldn’t believe it was happening. I was finally going to become a season ticket holder; something I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do. The season ticket rep even told me they had just added that seat about 30 minutes before I showed up.

After grabbing the tag off my seat, I headed back down to stadium club level to finish off the process and payments. I stood in line for about 30 minutes and then it was my turn to make all of this official. I sat down with a rep who started working on my account to confirm everything and to the right of me I see a guy pull out $22,000 in cash to pay for his season tickets. This isn’t relevant at all, I just was in shock to see someone pull out that much money in cash. Especially when I’m over here struggling to pay $1,312 for my one season ticket.

After the payments and processing of the tickets was done, I was free to leave or hangout around the stadium. I went into the stadium club area where they had free Dodger Dogs, beverages and snacks all for free. I grabbed my Dodger Dog and went and sat in a stadium club seat right outside the restaurant. I sat there by myself eating and watching the crew on the field set up for FanFest and all I could do was think about the last year of my life. And here I am now buying season tickets. I had never been so excited for a baseball season in my life.

When I was done eating I took a few more minutes to just enjoy the peacefulness of the stadium with so few people there and just imagining this place rocking on Opening Day. It was almost that time again; the time every Dodger fan is dying for. After being so close to winning the World Series, this season can’t come fast enough. As a reminder, the Dodgers had the National League Championship trophy out on display for fans to take pictures of. It’s a bittersweet feeling seeing that trophy and not seeing a World Series one instead. But, at the end of the day the Dodgers will always have my heart. Even without a World Series trophy. I took my picture of the trophy and decided it was time to call it a day. I looked around one more time at the stadium, realizing I’ll be back tomorrow for FanFest and I smiled and headed home.

4 thoughts on “Finally a Season Ticket Holder

  1. Looking forward to reading about your season with our Dodgers! I live in Chicago and am planning to go to all 3 games against the Cubs in June! Go Dodgers!

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